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Carlton Residence

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The Wall, The Entrance and The Beach.





Zawaya Architects

Interior Design

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Project Summary

The first challenge in this project, was to transform a static boundary wall into something attractive that creates interest on the people driving or walking by the area.

To be able to achieve a good result, several lighting details have been integrated in the architecture to promote a dynamic lighting effect throughout the perimeter wall. Fortunately the architects were supportive and embraced the ideas, so we could move forward to the next stage.

At the main entrance porte cochere, linear LED light sources where integrated into stair’s steps to create a sense of luxury and safety for the pedestrians. Inground narrow beam uplights have been located next to the columns to accentuate the height and grandeur of the space. Recessed linear light sources were also used in the ceiling to follow the sleek architecture and to highlight the main entrance increasing the general lux levels on the floor.

The landscape bit was in between the beach and the building, the way to illuminate the landscape was to be very discreet and focus mainly on how to drag people towards the beach. So a low level lighting approach has been placed along the pathway to create a defined “lighting” perspective.

Tree uplights was implemented to add an extra layer of light on the surrounding areas creating a balance between the illuminated areas and the darkness.

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