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Greenhouse D3

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Meet the millennials.



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As the millennials are becoming more and more part of our workforce, places that express their character start to pop up in a stylish and innovative way: from greenwalls to super casual get together areas. meeting rooms to triple height windows that brings a lot of daylight into the ambient.

On the ground level where they’ve got triple height windows that provide the most wanted daylight during day-time is located the office area, large scale pendants are providing a “wash” of soft warm light to the spaces underneath and a bold design statement get the full attention of passers-by. The sculptural tree located at the main entrance is illuminated with accent spotlights mounted in a suspended track.

A central stairwell accentuated by an illuminated green wall, leads to the floor above where there are offices, chill-out areas and kitchen illuminate with industrial look hanging pendants providing an uniform lighting throughout the space. In the meeting rooms recessed downlights and decorative pendants hang above tables.

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