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Hakkasan Restaurant

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From West to East


Hakkasan Group


Exterior Lighting


Abu Dhabi - UAE



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Harmony Interiors

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Project Summary

The fusion between West and East. That was the brief from the client, how our lighting approach would respond to that? 

Our scope was only to work at the external main entrance, external dining patio, dining tents and bar. Concealed lighting was applied on the wall, steps and mushrabyias to provide good ambience throughout the restaurant. 

Illuminating the table top was essential, so we come up with two solutions, we either installed a discreet mini projector pointing towards the table or we've added a bespoke pendant hanging above the table. 

The blue color was a request from the client to be added at the external bar, after exploring various possibilities to be added into the lighting scheme, we've decided to have an IP-rated bespoke pendant in deep blue color to provide lighting at the top of the counter and a soft blue color giving the brand identity as requested.

The private dining tents was decorated with musharabyias panels where we've added LED lights to promote an uniform lighting effect shinning through it and additionally we've added an extremely dimmed blue LED strip to backlight the panel providing a hint of blue color into the space.

Project Was Undertaken While Rodrigo Was An Associate Lighting Designer At NULTY +.

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