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Colorful and Vibrant Lighting




Landscape and Facade Lighting


Abu Dhabi


GHD Architects and Aperture Design Studio

Interior Design

Completion Date

December 2020

Project Summary

Public realm lighting has to primarily provide task lighting to allow people to orient themselves easily. People need to be able to perceive changes in landscape and hardscape to allow them to move around safely.

A high level of lighting is also required in retail spaces to be able to appreciate merchandise and retail store fronts. Atmospheric lighting is required for food and beverage areas as it encourages people to enjoy the outdoor plaza. Feature lighting and interactive lighting creates visual interest for the user and can be used as identification points.

Facade lighting of the building allows people to appreciate the architecture and provides general lighting of the plaza through vertical illumination.

We have provided several layers of lighting on the facade, such as in-ground up-lights to accentuate the pillars, in-ground linear up-lights to accentuate the graffiti art works at the walls and pendants hanging from the ceiling on timber slats to illuminate the terrace/ tables.

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