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South Bank Parklands

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New lights for old docks.





Interior Design

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Project Summary

Situated in a strategic area of the city, with the renovation of the old docks for the Expo 88 and then later on what became the park.

South bank parklands were a dream project to come true. The flamboyant landscape and the urban structure provided us many opportunities to make this project something unique in the city.

The main landscape feature that connected the entire park was a dynamic metal trellis with aerial plants from top to bottom.

The pointing tip of the metal structure profile was fixed a mini projector directed upwards to emphasize the movement of each trellis, that from far distance would look like a "dance of lights".

Integrating a lighting projector on the trellis structure facing downwards, with a narrow beam throw created a sharp pool of light on the floor providing a sense of safety for the people using the park and also a very strong theater lighting effect overall the footpath.

In many areas, we've used the inground recessed uplights to illuminate metal yellow panels to bounce the light downwards.

Project was undertaken while Rodrigo was a lighting designer at WEBB Australia.

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